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Oh, here it goes. I’m writing a blog post about my very best friend and I’m already crying. I’ve been running these words through my head for a few weeks now, not quite sure what words to put together to convey exactly how much this woman, and our friendship, have meant to me. This is so much more than a photo session to me, this is the story of my best friend and her dreams coming true.

For the past four years Melody has been my rock, my confidant, my biggest cheerleader and my constant support system. She’s given me unconditional love, had relentless belief in me, and spent hours upon hours just talking and laughing with me. She’s celebrated my successes, cried with me during my lowest times and always been there without hesitation.

Lucky doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about our friendship.

Over the past few years there have been plenty of lunch conversations about babies. How much we wanted them, how sick we were of waiting, how much we were over the wrong guys wasting our precious time to have the partner, baby and family we’ve dreamt of.

Now I see Melody’s dreams coming true. And for that I cannot thank Christopher enough.

Christopher, as her best friend I will always be protective of her, you know that. But I am so grateful for the man you are, and that you have built this beautiful life with her. I’m so proud that I get to be a part of it.

Baby Jack, you were wanted so long before you came into this world. You were talked about years ago and now your mom will get to hold you in her arms and kiss your little toes and thank God that you have finally arrived and that her dream came true. You are loved beyond belief and we haven’t even seen you yet.

I cannot wait for our adventures to begin, sweet boy.

Love, Your Godmother


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Here’s a fun fact about Sarah: she not only used to be my neighbor, but she was also my Realtor! If you are looking for a realtor in the Lawrence area I highly recommend Sarah! I’m super flattered that I get to add one more label to that list, her photographer.

It was hot the day of her session, but the Kansas wind gave us the Beyonce-hair we all dream about during it! We had so much fun taking these and we definitely talked the majority of the time because she has such a fun, energetic personality that shines through everything she does.

XOXO, Kelsey


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Lori and Miles had the wedding that epitomized their relationship—laid-back, sweet and full of smiles and tender moments! Their day started out with everyone getting ready in their own areas of the Cider Hill Family Orchard and met in the back of the house for their first look and portraits. My heart melted when Miles kissed Lori delicately on the forehead. It is one of the sweetest, most tender moments I have ever seen.

The weather was supposed to be awful on their wedding day but we lucked out! The rain stopped right before the outdoor ceremony and we had the most gorgeous light for their photos.

Lori and Miles wanted Foster, Lori’s son, to be part of their special day. I had to choke back tears when they gave him a locket while they exchanged rings. It was so sweet and something that Foster will forever hold onto.

After their touching ceremony it was time for the reception in the bar with ah-maz-ing cupcakes, food and the most amazing live music! I absolutely loved their band and you can tell the guests enjoyed them too!

Lori, Miles and Foster, you guys have become friends to me and I am so grateful I got to witness your marriage and becoming a family. This will forever be one of my favorite weddings because I adore you as people and even more as a family.

XOXO, Kelsey


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Caitlin’s boudoir session was like a dream. Not only is she utterly stunning, um hello, those eyes! She has the most dynamic and amazing personality that makes everyone at ease and instantly become friends. We did her boudoir session at my studio in Downtown Lawrence and before we started shooting, she told me she was nervous!

We sat and talked for like 30 minutes because she is just so easy to talk to, one of the great things about being a professional hairstylist! She is getting ready to get married and I loved watching her face light up as she talked about her fiancé Chase and their son.

Oh and remember when she said she was nervous? We started shooting and I felt like it was this amazing collaboration between the two of us. We were so excited about what we were capturing during the shoot I couldn’t stop showing her the back of the camera so she could see exactly what I was seeing!

Caitlin, I hope you see the beauty that the rest of us do, and I also hope you see your strength as a woman, your softness as a mother and your passion as a wife. You are amazing… and also my new girl crush so I hope we can sit around and talk about life again soon!




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