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The moment I met Sylvia and Jordan, I instantly put them on my list of favorite couples. Actually, they were my favorite before we even met! Sylvia and I emailed about their engagement session at KU in Lawrence and I could tell we were going to totally click! And we did!

Their session was at Potter Lake and Jayhawk Boulevard at KU. I just LOVE how they look at each other. I absolutely love it when couples lovingly fix stray hairs and groom each other during photos and Sylvia and Jordan had the cutest moments of that during their engagement session.

The way they laugh together is contagious and lights up a room! I am so freaking excited for you to become husband and wife! I’m one of your biggest cheerleaders now so get ready!





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Megan and Andrew are just literally like the best. We had so much for running around Kansas City and Megan found that amazing wall that turned out to be so perfect! I absolutely adore this couple and their beautiful connection. They are fun, flirty and make you really just want to hang out with them all day.

Megan and Andrew, I seriously cannot wait for your day. It’s going to be amazing, just like you guys!



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Sunflowers, a beautiful Kansas sky, a couple in love. It’s all so magical.

I’m not going to lie to you guys, at first when I started getting requests for the famous Grinter Farms Sunflower Fields I was a bit hesitant. It’s super crowded, only lasts for about a week, can have some lighting issues and it’s just been done so much before. Nothing against anyone or photographer who wants to go there, I just didn’t think it was style.

I was wrong. Totally wrong.

Elizabeth and Brendan are originally from the Northeast and are having their wedding up there. They wanted to show their friends and family what Kansas was known for and incorporate a little bit of this place into their wedding. Of course I couldn’t say no to that!

Thank god I ended up going there to shoot. It was gorgeous and as a born and raised Kansas girl it’s something I not only needed to see, but needed to photograph. It didn’t hurt that I had this beautiful couple who were so willing to show me how much they loved each other. After spending the session getting to know each other and seeing how much they adore one another I am beyond excited for them to be married.

Elizabeth, you are stunning. Brendan, you’re not bad yourself and I love the way you look at your future wife. Otto (the dog), I feel like you and I are now connected. I’ve already talked about you like 4 times since your session and the eye contact you make with me is magical.

I wish all three of you so many blessings in the next chapter of your lives. Thank you so much for allowing me to document my home state and the incredible bond you two have.




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These two are the cutest. They’re playful and sweet and give each other shit and it’s all adorable.

Taylor got my info from her friends Elliot and Lauren, who are also my clients (go check out their engagement session from earlier this summer). And when I met Taylor, I totally understood how these guys are all friends. Elliot’s a sheriff, Dale’s in the Air Force, and Lauren and Taylor are both nurses.

I am beyond grateful for all these clients who have dedicated their lives for the service of others. They all know a sacrifice the rest of us can’t imagine but being around them you’d never know. They are all also incredibly humble about what they do, which makes them even more admirable.

On a side note, I realized while shooting with them that this is probably the safest I will ever be in my life. For a girl who gets poison ivy constantly, almost cut off my finger, and has had more than one emergency surgery, it’s incredibly reassuring knowing I have nurses, an officer and a soldier around me, just in case. I’m sure my mom loves it too.

Besides the fact that these two can save my life if necessary, my favorite thing about Taylor and Dale is their easygoingness. They’re the most down to earth couple ever and even though it was only my second time hanging with Taylor and my first time meeting Dale, it felt like we were all besties. These are the kind of people you could be friends with forever. They make it easy. They’re just warm, warm to one another and to people they just meet.

Taylor and Dale, I am beyond excited to be your photographer. Thank you for being so comfortable with me and thank you for sharing your kind of love with the world. We need more people like you both.







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