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Oh, here it goes. I’m writing a blog post about my very best friend and I’m already crying. I’ve been running these words through my head for a few weeks now, not quite sure what words to put together to convey exactly how much this woman, and our friendship, have meant to me. This is so much more than a photo session to me, this is the story of my best friend and her dreams coming true.

For the past four years Melody has been my rock, my confidant, my biggest cheerleader and my constant support system. She’s given me unconditional love, had relentless belief in me, and spent hours upon hours just talking and laughing with me. She’s celebrated my successes, cried with me during my lowest times and always been there without hesitation.

Lucky doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about our friendship.

Over the past few years there have been plenty of lunch conversations about babies. How much we wanted them, how sick we were of waiting, how much we were over the wrong guys wasting our precious time to have the partner, baby and family we’ve dreamt of.

Now I see Melody’s dreams coming true. And for that I cannot thank Christopher enough.

Christopher, as her best friend I will always be protective of her, you know that. But I am so grateful for the man you are, and that you have built this beautiful life with her. I’m so proud that I get to be a part of it.

Baby Jack, you were wanted so long before you came into this world. You were talked about years ago and now your mom will get to hold you in her arms and kiss your little toes and thank God that you have finally arrived and that her dream came true. You are loved beyond belief and we haven’t even seen you yet.

I cannot wait for our adventures to begin, sweet boy.

Love, Your Godmother


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I got to photograph the Schmitt family at the Red Barn in Ozawkie, which is one of my favorite places to shoot weddings! Kevin is friends with the owner, who was gracious enough to let us shoot his family there.

I first met Kevin when we went to college together. If you had asked me back then, I’m not sure I’d have seen him as a family man. But seeing him with his beautiful wife, Jessica, and his adorable kids, Elizabeth, Jon and baby Madison, it all makes sense. It’s been an honor being able to see them grow together from behind the lens.

The kids are SO full of personality. I first photographed Elizabeth as a baby, but today, she’s much more sassy and totally runs the show. In typical “middle child” fashion, Jon tends to go with the flow of his big sister. Though when a face-plant mid-session made us all laugh, he didn’t mind being the center of attention and that’s when I learned he’s prone to adorable little accidents. Both older siblings totally doted on their new baby sister.

I adore that you can see the love everyone has for baby Madison. I had a hard time picking out my favorites just because they are all so precious and I think I said, “Awwwww!” a million times while going through these.

Kevin and Jessica, It means so much to me that you still ask me to photograph your beautiful, growing family. I absolutely I adore you guys and I can’t wait to capture more amazing moments.







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This family is my favorite and Mr. Rye is an absolute doll. I think the photos speak volumes. Craig and Emily are amazing parents and this little guy is loved beyond words. heart_namePINIMAGE


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I first met Jennifer, aka, Mayhem Myers, through my bestie Melody. She’s a totally badass roller derby girl and also the mother of these three beautiful kids.

I was totally blown away with these kids. They embody this perfect kind of innocence that I think every adult wishes they could bottle up and save.

They ran and screamed and played, not caring who was watching or if I was taking photos. I wish we could all live the way the kids do.

I can only assume it’s because they have these two amazing parents that have given them a childhood filled with climbing trees, chasing each other around and making silly faces as much as they want.

Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that the amazing parents are also totally smoking hot and very much crazy about one another too. As we walked around the park they showed the kids the exact location of their first date and then Mom just jumped on Dad for a piggy back ride. I hope that I am at least half the cool mom and dad that these two are!

Jennifer and Kirk, you guys have an amazingly beautiful family and I am so glad you decided to document your amazing kids and this time in their lives. You guys kind of rock!



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