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Oh, here it goes. I’m writing a blog post about my very best friend and I’m already crying. I’ve been running these words through my head for a few weeks now, not quite sure what words to put together to convey exactly how much this woman, and our friendship, have meant to me. This is so much more than a photo session to me, this is the story of my best friend and her dreams coming true.

For the past four years Melody has been my rock, my confidant, my biggest cheerleader and my constant support system. She’s given me unconditional love, had relentless belief in me, and spent hours upon hours just talking and laughing with me. She’s celebrated my successes, cried with me during my lowest times and always been there without hesitation.

Lucky doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about our friendship.

Over the past few years there have been plenty of lunch conversations about babies. How much we wanted them, how sick we were of waiting, how much we were over the wrong guys wasting our precious time to have the partner, baby and family we’ve dreamt of.

Now I see Melody’s dreams coming true. And for that I cannot thank Christopher enough.

Christopher, as her best friend I will always be protective of her, you know that. But I am so grateful for the man you are, and that you have built this beautiful life with her. I’m so proud that I get to be a part of it.

Baby Jack, you were wanted so long before you came into this world. You were talked about years ago and now your mom will get to hold you in her arms and kiss your little toes and thank God that you have finally arrived and that her dream came true. You are loved beyond belief and we haven’t even seen you yet.

I cannot wait for our adventures to begin, sweet boy.

Love, Your Godmother


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These two are the cutest. Like, seriously.

I sort of hate Kelli because her pregnancy style is on point and I can’t even seem to pull it together for a few hours non-preggers. But she’s also super chill and fun and I love that she’s married to one of the funniest guys I’ve met.

Nate and I went to Baker together like 1,000 years ago but he was always the guy making everyone laugh. I cannot wait for him to be a father. I can just see him goofing around with his little guy and it’s everything my dreams are made of.

Kelli and Nate, I am SO in love with you both. You’re a beautiful couple and you’re going to bring this beautiful little human into the world and then you will be an even more beautiful family. Thanks for having fun with me and letting me take what I hope is a million more photos of your little man.




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This beautiful couple is Emily, an old college friend, and her beau Craig and they growing a baby!!! I love babies and pregnancy so much my heart literally jumps thinking about it. Getting to see her all beautiful and preggers is a totally treat and is Craig the cutest hubby/dad in the world?! This little baby is going to be one loved (and very photographed) little bug and I can’t wait to meet him or her!


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Teresa and I met initially from her wedding venue The W Banquet Hall, which is a beautiful, rustic location in Downtown Lawrence. When she emailed me saying she loved my work and wanted to set up a maternity session I was super flattered. She’s in the industry so she undoubtable knows tons of amazing photographers and I had some seriously big shoes to fill.

Turns out, not only is she gorgeous and I exactly what I pray I look like pregnant, she’s also like the easiest person to work and her husband is a doll. They made it super easy for me.

Working with Teresa and Matt was fun and light. Even Doug the dog was super chill. Anyone who has met my two crazy pugs knows this is not something I’m used to. Someday I’ll reserve a special blog post just of them to show you the horror show I live with (just kidding I adore them).

Of course, Doug and I immediately fell in love. How could I not, do you see his face? And I absolutely love it when people want to bring their dogs to their photo sessions. They are such a big part of our lives and our family how can we not have them there?

Photography sessions are all about documenting your family at this current time of your life. I know for myself, and pretty much any other pet parent, that our lives are totally completed by our animal companions. How lucky are we to have such selfless beings by our side? Except at dinner time, dinner time can get pretty selfish.

I love Doug, clearly he loves me too, and I’m so glad I got the chance to photograph him, his future sibling and his mom and dad.

Thank you, Teresa and Matt for asking me to capture the amazing adventure you’re on. You have a beautiful family and I can’t wait to see the new addition!



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