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So every summer I get poison ivy. It doesn’t matter how cautious I am, I get it. No. Matter. What. But this year has been different and I was so proud of myself. It’s late August and I’ve had no disgusting, blistering rash.

Well, little miss Logan changed all of that.

Of course, I’ll do anything to get the shot. And for Logan’s adorably plump little legs and her fascination with the grass it meant laying down flat on my stomach to be at her level. So in the middle of an overgrown field, as I laid there looking ridiculous I’m sure, little did I know I was laying on a small patch of poison ivy.

Turns out it’s really not that bad. I know, shocker, I’m being dramatic about it. It’s really only a small area on my left forearm and since I’m a right handed this arm is basically useless anyways. Instead of being irritated about it (get it, irritated!), everytime I go to scratch I just think about little Logan and a field of sunshine and immediately I feel better. I’m going to mark this in the win column for myself.

If any of you want loan me a tarp or maybe even a hazmat suit please feel free.



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Check out this adorably stylish little family. Seriously, I can’t even handle it.

Erin and I were friends and fellow artist together in college and I don’t know why I expected anything less. She’s a crazy good artist, floral designer, photographer, blogger, etc. Basically I think anything Erin lays her hands on turns magically into fabulous, edgy and elegant all at the same time. Her husband is pretty awesome too. It’s the cutest thing in the world to watch a Dad with his ladies. I mean, seriously like the sweetest thing in the world when he scoops Ruby up in his arms and she just lights up.

And Ruby, oh my gosh. Ruby is just a little doll, kind of a crazy doll, but I am totally obsessed with her. She ran and giggle and gave me hugs and I left the session thinking I kinda want one of those.

This family, ah they are perfection and I hope I get to photograph them forever and ever.



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After I sent the gallery of their mini session to Aly her reply was that she was in tears. That is the best compliment I’ve ever received.

I like to make my sessions fun and playful but when I go through and look at images I am almost always overwhelmed with how beautiful families are and hope that they recognize how much they will cherish images as their family changes and the kids grow up. Aly (momma bear) totally gets that and I am so thankful for her family being so open to me. We made these photos together and I couldn’t be happier that this amazing family is my client. They are lovely and I hope to make many more beautiful images with them for years to come.



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