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My grandpa died this week. I’m ok, but I’m sad. I don’t think I realized that as you get older, death actually becomes harder to accept. I knew he was old, I knew he didn’t have a ton of time left, but I still wasn’t prepared.

I wasn’t prepared to see my grandma’s heart breaking for her husband, the father of her children, the man she’s spent 60 years with, just suddenly being gone. His clothes laying on the armchair beside the bed like he just stepped out of the room, but he’ll never lay beside in that bed again.

I wasn’t prepared to see my uncles, who take out our trash and mow the yard, who we can all call on to fix anything, crying for their dad.

I wasn’t prepared to see my mom and aunt, the women who organize every family gathering, who know every cooking question and can somehow heal anything with a mere hug, needing our help to get through these last few days.

I wasn’t prepared for any of this, but I realize that we’ll get through it together.

I write so much on here about family and capturing these memories you’ll always be able to cherish. I realize more than ever right now that some of these photos of him are what will now replace him coming through the door. Instead of seeing him in the room, we’ll look at photos. Those photos will remind us of him, even the funny things he did or his little quarks. And they’ll make us feel a little bit closer to him than we can be right now.

My grandpa was a photographer. It’s something I sort of felt like he passed to me. He believed in capturing all the little moments. As he got older and surprisingly kept up with technology, he traded his film cameras with a point and shoot or phone that was always in front of his face. We all joked about him constantly taking pictures, sometimes when we hated it and sometimes when we didn’t even know it. But with his photos, he documented this beautiful family history for all of us, this family that he helped created.

He was proud of us and he loved us. Because of him we all know where we came from, and we know who we belong with too.

I can’t thank all of you guys for giving me the time I need to be with my family right now. To the clients that have been so incredibly patient and forgiving since this threw off my ever-so-organized schedule, you have no idea what it means to me and all of my family. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.



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I know that every aunt says their nieces and nephews are adorable but I mean, I’m pretty sure everyone would agree Logan is pretty gosh darn adorable. He calls me “Kiki” and says “cheeeeesse” if there is any camera in sight. He spent the weekend with me and I had to get some adorable shots of his happy self in the morning. He makes me so happy to be his aunt and can’t imagine my life without this little ball of energy and the happiness he brings to our family.


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Last week I blogged about baby Leah but I haven’t featured her big brother Logan on the blog yet! My family is everything to me and Logan has been my photo obsession since day one. During my visits to Wichita I try to document his growth and capture the fiercely independent spirit he has. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t talk this little guy or think about how I am going to train him for a career as a professional soccer player. I have made it my personal mission in life to make him either a pro kicker in the NFL or have him become a professional soccer player. I’m not picky, he can choose between the two.

Logan_01 copyPINIMAGE

Logan_04 copyPINIMAGELogan_08 copyPINIMAGELogan_18 copyPINIMAGELogan_21 copyPINIMAGELogan_29 copyPINIMAGELogan_48 copyPINIMAGELogan_51 copyPINIMAGELogan_60 copyPINIMAGELogan_63 copyPINIMAGELogan_66PINIMAGE

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I was honored this week to photograph the birth of someone truly special, my niece. Baby Leah arrived on Monday, February 24, 2014,  weighing in at 6 lbs., and has a beautiful head of dark hair. We are all completely smitten with her and cannot stop looking at her as she sleeps and makes those precious newborn sounds. She already has all of us, especially her grandpa, wrapped around her precious finger. It was so hard to pick my favorite images that tell the story of her arrival but here are some of my favorites!





Leah_022414_11_BWPINIMAGEDue to her slightly early arrival I am going to be helping my sister out with my nephew as her family makes the transition from a family of three to a family of four. For those of you who are waiting on photos, thank you for being so understanding and patient as I have a slightly delayed editing schedule right now.

Happy Friday!

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