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Caitlin’s boudoir session was like a dream. Not only is she utterly stunning, um hello, those eyes! She has the most dynamic and amazing personality that makes everyone at ease and instantly become friends. We did her boudoir session at my studio in Downtown Lawrence and before we started shooting, she told me she was nervous!

We sat and talked for like 30 minutes because she is just so easy to talk to, one of the great things about being a professional hairstylist! She is getting ready to get married and I loved watching her face light up as she talked about her fiancé Chase and their son.

Oh and remember when she said she was nervous? We started shooting and I felt like it was this amazing collaboration between the two of us. We were so excited about what we were capturing during the shoot I couldn’t stop showing her the back of the camera so she could see exactly what I was seeing!

Caitlin, I hope you see the beauty that the rest of us do, and I also hope you see your strength as a woman, your softness as a mother and your passion as a wife. You are amazing… and also my new girl crush so I hope we can sit around and talk about life again soon!




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Oh, where do I even start with this girl?

Her name is Alijah and she’s become the littler sister I never had, my second shooter, my friend, my family. I’ve photographed her for years and while I know this is only the beginning of the so many incredible things yet to come I can help but get emotional about the 12 year old little girl I first met.

Looking at the stunning woman in these photographs seems almost surreal to me. I mean, she’s always been my favorite model but now she’s doing it as a bride. I could not be happier or prouder of the woman she’s become. She has a grace that comes across as soon as you meet her. But she’s a firecracker. She’s fierce, tough and confident in all the right ways. She’s loyal, kind, smart and funny. She’s everything. I am beyond grateful to know this woman, to celebrate her, and to photograph her.

Alijah, thank you for being my people. I love you with all my heart (and now I’m crying). Heart_NamePINIMAGE



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Mackinzie is obviously stunning but she’s also one of the coolest women I know. She’s got a ease about her and nothing ever feels forced with her. She will give you a big “throw her head back” kinda laugh and the next second give you a fierce serious look, neither of which she ever really cares what other people think about. To me, that’s what’s hot.

Physically, Mackinzie is absolutely gorgeous. But there’s something even more beautiful, almost intriguing, about a woman with that kind of confidence. It’s a powerful thing to see a woman really embrace herself that way and it’s absolutely contagious.

Every time I do a boudoir shoot I take a little bit of each woman with me. I’m inspired by the little characteristics and individual traits. I love getting to learn from other women in this way and I feel truly blessed that I get to capture this for other women.

The sisterhood that we share as women is a powerful thing. I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of it and I’m proud as hell that each of us is in each other’s corners.

I hope Mackinzie inspires you all. Keep kicking ass ladies.



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If I could write my 21-year-old self a letter, it would sound like this:

“You are going to meet people in your life that want to take you down. They’re going to be men, women, co-workers, bosses, friends, and strangers. They will hurt you in ways you didn’t even know you could be hurt. And you will go to some of the lowest depths you can go. But what you don’t know about yourself yet is how strong you are. Be proud of the woman you are, accept the mistakes you’ve made, forgive yourself when you need to, be your own best friend and your fiercest advocate. This is all going to make sense later, just trust me. You’re going to find your way, and it’s going to be amazing. Hold tight.”

Suni and I had this amazing conversation while doing her boudoir session and it’s like she got to read her 30-year-old self’s letter. She gets it in ways I only wish I did when I was 21. She’s gone through some of her lows and instead of tucking herself away from the world like so many of us do, she decided to go a different route. She chose to do this shoot to celebrate herself. She took charge of this thing, this growth as a woman, and document it in an incredibly vulnerable way. And for that I am truly in awe of her.

I hope she looks at the images and see the strength and beauty that she radiates. I’d like to thank her for reminding this 30-something-year-old woman to take the things thrown at me head on, to never second guess my own strength and to celebrate the amazing woman and I still becoming. I hope I make my 40-year-old self proud.



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